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About Us
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FilCom Oxford
A Brief History of FilCom Oxford

The Filipino Community of Oxfordshire is a not-for-profit community organisation.  We promote our cultural heritage; provide a social forum through a variety of organised events; offer a support network and we advocate fair and equal treatment in the community through education, training and good citizenship.  We have links with other communities and organisations in Oxfordshire and are advocates for equality and diversity .

Any money raised by the Community is only for the purpose of funding our various events or for providing specific assistance to people or causes in need.

FilCom Oxford was founded in 2002 by Sister Clare Joseph, a Filipino missionary nun from the Religious of The Assumption.  Fr David Hartley, at that time the Roman Catholic chaplain to the then Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust (now at St Joseph's, Thame), also made a huge contribution to the formation of the Community.

When Sister Clare Joseph was reassigned to Lithuania in 2004, the executive committee of FilCom Oxford was formed with Mr Jose Ariel Lañada as Chairman and Mrs Geraldine Yebra as Vice-Chairwoman.  Officers and active members of the community give their time on a voluntary, unpaid basis.

FilCom Oxford has forged relationships with the Philippine Embassy, London; Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust; Oxford City Council; Oxfordshire Community Foundation; Oxfordshire Community and Voluntary Action.

Membership of FilCom Oxford is free of charge and is open to all.

Religious of the Assumption
A Message From Our Founder

Mga Kababayan

It was on November 10, 2002 when Fr David Hartley and I thought of inviting some Filipino nurses to an informal gathering.  The purpose was to consider the growing number of Filipinos in Oxfordshire and how we might organise ourselves to enhance Filipino culture and values for those of us away from our home country.  Many were invited and twelve attended.  We discussed how we could initiate something to bring local Filipinos together, promote community spirit and grow support for one another.

Of course it was not easy to organize a community like this.  There were understandable difficulties, such as general fatigue, absence from families and, in my case, my being apart from my religious community.  Also there were sleepless nights, shifts and premium payments lost by people making the effort to attend meetings and undertake planning.  We made sacrifices for this.  However, we also had fun!  In the process, friendships were developed; talents and potentials discovered; commitment deepened; leadership enhanced and community spirit blossomed.

Mga Kababayan, don't forget our being Filipinos!  We will keep our positive values, support one another and our Filipino Community of Oxfordshire.  Aim for unity for us all while we are away from home.  Filipinos as we are, though, we must also learn to befriend and integrate with the British people, support and attend local churches and we must understand local customs and culture.  Moreover, we can all be missionaries in our own simple ordinary ways by keeping, spreading and, most especially, by living our faith.

Mabuhay ang ating Filipino Community of Oxfordshire!

Sister Clare Joseph
Filipino Community of Oxfordshire
Ariel Lanada - Chairman of FilCom Oxford
A Message From Our Chairman

Mga Kababayan

My warmest greetings to all of you!

For a few years now, the Filipino Community of Oxfordshire has successfully organised activities to promote friendship, unity, camaraderie, sportsmanship and family fun.  I am proud to let you know that these activities have really raised our profile as a significant, and recognised, community group within Oxfordshire.

Such was the success of our endeavours that we are now fully recognized as a community by the Philippine Embassy in London and by the Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.  We intend to continue to work with them in promoting 'all things Filipino' - keeping our culture and upholding our values whilst being an integrated and contributing part of the wider community.

All these achievements would not be possible without the vital ingredient: YOU!  I believe that our united efforts will enable us to accomplish better things.  It is with this aspiration that we organised the Filipino Community of Oxfordshire.  This is our community.  This is where we belong.  FilCom Oxford is a community that values the dignity and pride of the Filipino people.

Please help us continue to fulfil this dream.  Become a member free of charge by filling in the application form on the Join page. Even better, please get involved!  We always need people to help organise and put on our events.

Let us join hands as we continue forward with a greater, more dynamic and responsive FilCom Oxford.

Mabuhay po tayong lahat!

Jose Ariel Lanada
Filipino Community of Oxfordshire
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