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FilCom Oxford Goes to the Car Boot in Aid of the Guimaras

5th and 12th November 2006. Members of FilCom Oxford attended the car boot sale held at the Kassam Stadium in Oxford. The aim was to raise funds for the Guimaras appeal. FilCom Oxford Chairman, Jose Ariel Lanada, writes:

"On behalf of the Filipino Community of Oxfordshire, I would like to extend my sincere thanks to those who donated items for the car boot sale, those who bought the items and those who helped sell the items. I am very delighted to let you know that we were able to raise 260.00 for the victims of the Guimaras oil spills. The money has been forwarded to Sister Clare Joseph in the Philippines to help our brothers and sisters on Guimaras island."

View the receipt for the donations from Sister Clare Joseph.

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