Filipino Community of Oxfordshire


21 December 2006

Mga Kababayan,

Greetings of Peace, Joy and Happiness to you and your family during this Christmas Season and throughout the New Year!

As we rejoice in the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ and welcome the year 2007, we reflect upon the blessings that we received during the past year and the good things that we have shared with our brothers and sisters.

I am writing to let you know the circumstances of one of our sisters EMELITA GROSPE. Emelita is a 32 year old Filipina nurse who has worked at the Audit Care Residential Home at Kennington, Oxford for the past year now.

Last month, Emelita was diagnosed as having peritoneal cancer and initially was told that nothing could be done to help her because the cancer cells had already metastasized to the surrounding areas. However, with our prayers, her chemotherapy was finally started last December 15, 2006. She is currently being cared for in the Blenheim Ward of the Churchill Hospital, Headington.

Officers from the Filipino Community have visited her and prayed for her speedy recovery. Emelita?s greatest wish for this Christmas is to see her husband and young daughter, Oliver and Olmey, who are still in the Philippines. In this regard we are trying to help her by assisting in getting fast track processing of a visitors visa for her family.

On behalf of the Filipino Community of Oxfordshire, I would like to appeal for your prayers for Emelita for her speedy recovery. Those who have spare time, please consider visiting her at the Churchill Hospital to give her love and support.

Finally, we would like to ask for your generosity through any financial help you can provide for her. Please leave me a text message on my mobile number 07817498735 or Geraldine Yebra on 07759056126 or alternatively please send us an email to . We will be happy to pick up your donations and we will give you an acknowledgement receipt. All donations will be given to Emelita personally.

Kindly pass this message to all our kababayans in Oxfordshire.  Maraming Salamat Po at Maligayang Pasko sa inyong lahat!

Truly yours,

FilCom Oxford


Emelita Grospe, her sister and officers of FilCom Oxford photographed recently at the Churchill Hospital.


Emelita?s wish for Christmas, to see her husband Oliver and 3 year old daughter Olmey, was granted. Oliver and Olmey arrived at Blenheim Ward at the Churchill Hospital in Oxford on December 24, 2006 at 8 o?clock in the morning. Despite severe pain, Emelita managed to talk to her daughter and husband and they spent Christmas Eve together.

FilCom Oxford offered prayers for Emelita and her family during Christmas Eve Mass at Corpus Christi Church and visited them in hospital. We have seen joy and happiness on Emelita?s face.

On December 25, 2006 about 9:20 in the evening Emelita Grospe died peacefully.

Her final will was to be buried in the Philippines. FilCom Oxford continues to help Emelita?s family to process the repatriation of her remains. As at December 26, 2006, we were able to collect ?495.00 in cash donations for Emelita. (Please see Lists of Donors below).

I would like to extend my sincere thanks on behalf of Emelita?s family and FilCom Oxford to all those who have helped so generously.

Jose Ariel Lanada
FilCom Oxford

List of Donors (as at 8 March 2007)

Jose Ariel Lanada

Melinda Palencia


Chester and Lea Bobila

Gesel Maldos

Mina Somera and Family

Ayrin and Annie Margallo

Bing Coad and Family

Bing and Ian Elefan

Mae Abad

Dindo and Merlyn Sonugan

Nitoy and Karen Valle

Gilbert Molinar and Family

Gerald Molinar and Family

Terwin Rambon and Family

Ate Fe

Edward and Milaflor Reyes

Anonymous (x 2)

Johnne and Nelly

Mr. & Mrs. Danilo Nelucio

Tina Esber

Erwin Vitug

Carol Layug

Lani Lacson

Edwin & Racquel Atienza

Mike & Divine So

Raul Remo & Genalyn Albano

Nathan & Tess Lapuz

Emil & Jing Benedicto

Joy and Bing

Maricar Serquina

Mickey & Billie de Mesa

Ward 7E

Sally B.


Anabelle Quilos

Jun & Susan

Ulysses & Marieta

Mitch & Sherwin

Boyet & Rosette Uy

Helen Moreno

Liza Adrino

Mr. & Mrs. Villajin

Mr. & Mrs. Jacob

Theresa Pueyo

Truman Family

Sol Hughes

Miriam Beldad

Josel Mission

Ricky Dizon

Lina Richard

Cleo Rosales

Mr. & Mrs. Serino

Mr. & Mrs. Garette Clarke

Mr. Mrs. John Pier

Mr. & Mrs. John Capati

Mr. & Mrs. Allan Manalac

Big J. Hereford

Alex Espinosa &
Stephen Mc Laughlin

Julian Dela Cruz & Family

Mr. & Mrs. Felix & Geraldine Yebra

Endoscopy Dept. Filipino Nurses

Anita Panizales

Francis & Badet

Fidel Ramos

Beverly Magpantay

Angel Ocay

Joel & Coy

Ram & Dana



Mrs. & Mrs. Chris and Joy Domingo

Mrs. Boquerin



We at FilCom Oxford want to make sure that all donations have got to Oliver Grospe (Emelita's husband) to help him with having repatriated Emelita's remains back to the Philippines and to contribute to all the related expenses.  Would anybody who has kindly made a donation, but whose name does not appear on the list above, please email me at and let me know your name, the amount given and to whom you gave the donation.

Once again, on behalf of FilCom Oxford and Emelita's family, I would like to express my grateful thanks to all of you who have helped. It is to the great credit of our Filipino community. As at March 8, we have passed on ?1030 in donations to Oliver. A transcript of Oliver's letter of thanks will be published here shortly.

FilCom Oxford


? 2006 Filipino Community of Oxfordshire